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Thermo Scientific 4540000 Finnpipette Stepper Pipettor, 10 to 5000 microliter Volume

Thermo Scientific 4540000 Finnpipette Stepper Pipettor, 10 to 5000 microliter Volume

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The Thermo Scientific 4540000 Finnpipette Stepper adjustable single-channel repeating pipettor has a manual volume control with five settings and a volume chart on the handle. This manual positive displacement pipette is used for repeatedly dispensing a measured volume of aqueous and viscous liquids with consistent results. It has a dial with five settings to control the volume for uniform dispensing. A volume chart printed on the handle indicates the delivery volume at each position on the dial for seven compatible positive displacement tips (sold separately). The lightweight handle and wide finger rest minimize hand strain. This pipette is compatible with seven sizes of syringe tips. The Finnpipette Stepper repeating pipette can dispense up to 45 doses of liquid after one filling. It comes with instructions, a tube of grease, and an adapter for 25 and 50mL tips. Single-channel pipettes are typically used in biotechnology research, microbiology, and chemistry applications to aspirate, transport, and dispense a small, measured volume of liquid.

Pipettes are laboratory tools for collecting, transporting, and dispensing a small amount of liquid. Sometimes called pipets, pipettors, or chemical droppers, a pipette is composed of a tube that collects the measured substance and a mechanism to aspirate and dispense the substance. Some pipettes can measure a fixed volume of liquid, others are graduated to show the volume, while others can be set to measure a volume within a range. Pipettes can aspirate and dispense liquid manually, electronically, or with a pipette filler that can be motorized. Pipettes are available in a variety of sizes and designs, offer ergonomic features for often-repeated functions, can be autoclavable for reuse, or disposable. The type of pipette used is determined by laboratory applications. Pipettes are typically used in medicine, biology, chemistry, and biotechnology for liquid handling, sampling, testing, and cell culture applications.

Thermo Fisher Scientific manufactures analytical instruments, laboratory equipment, consumables, and software under the Thermo Scientific, Fisher Scientific, and Nalgene brands, among others. The company is headquartered in Waltham, MA.

What’s in the Box?
  • Thermo Scientific 4540000 Finnpipette Stepper adjustable repeating pipettor
  • Tip adapter for 25 or 50mL tips
  • Instructions


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