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SPL Erlenmeyer Flask, PC, 500ml, Case of 8 (Sterile) - BiochromCorp

SPL Erlenmeyer Flask, PC, 500ml, Case of 8 (Sterile)

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Erlenmeyer Flask

SPL Life Sciences provides Erlenmeyer Flasks, suitable for animal cell and microbial suspension culture. 
The flask is designed to allow efficient suspension culture, provided in four different volumes, and are all sterilized before the release.

  • ▪ Suitable for suspension cultures (animal cells, bacteria, fungi, plant callus, etc.)
    ▪ Require shaking apparatus (optimization of cell seeding density and working volume is recommended, depending on the type of cell)
    ▪ Plugs & filter caps are available for all flask types
    ▪ Non-treated
    ▪ Durable & transparent polycarbonate
    ▪ Autoclavable

    ▪ Non – pyrogenic
    ▪ Non – cytotoxic
    ▪ DNase / RNase – free
    ▪ Human DNA – free


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