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Favorgen RNA Stabilization Solution (100ml) - BiochromCorp

Favorgen RNA Stabilization Solution (100ml)

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Catalog Number: FARSS 001
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RNA stabilization solution Obtaining high quality, intact RNA is the first and often the most critical step in performing gene expression analysis. Typically, in order to isolate high quality RNA, the tissue has to be processed immediately after harvest. RNA Solution makes it possible for researchers to postpone RNA isolation for days, weeks, or even months after tissue collection without sacrificing RNA integrity. All we need to do is to add 10 times volume of RNA Solution into the tube containing the freshly collected tissue (1 ml RNA Solution to 100 mg tissue) and store the tube at --20C until use. In addition for RNA stabilization, RNA Solution can be easily integrated into a modified single-step RNA isolation method. This modified single-step method isolates undegraded RNA from tissues or cells in hours and can be used to process a large number of samples


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