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Aquaguard-2 Solution (for workbench water baths)

Aquaguard-2 Solution (for workbench water baths)

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Catalog Number: 01-916-1E
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Product Overview

Aquaguard™-2 Solution has been developed for maintaining various kinds of water baths free of contaminating microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi in ordinary water baths. Effective against all groups of bacteria including anaerobic sulphate reducing bacteria (SRB) and mycoplasmas. It also inhibits algal growth and has a moderate anti-fungal activity. Routine application is a practical and efficient means of preventing bacterial and fungal contamination.

Recommended Use:

  • Use 2 mL of Aquaguard-2 for each liter of water in the bath, and to repeat the procedure every 1-2 weeks.
  • After 4-6 weeks, the bath should be emptied and refilled with purified water containing Aquaguard-2.

The active ingredient in Aquaguard-2 is biodegradable and safe to humans and does not cause any irritating effects to the skin when used in the recommended concentration.



QTY 50 mL
Brand Aquaguard™
Storage Conditions -20º
Shipping Conditions Dry Ice


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