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ActGene: Amplification Reagents, Spectrophotometers, Pipettes, Elisa Readers.

A&D WEIGHING: Balances, Scales

Aurora: Gloves

Bioer: Thermal Cyclers, Heating Blocks

DAAN Diagnostics LTD:Real Time PCR Detection Kits (not available in USA)

Extragene: Molecular Biology Plasticware

Favorgen: Nucleic Acid Purification (BiochromCorp is exclusive distributor of Favorgen Biotech in America)

Gyrozen (LaboGene): Centrifuges

Ilshin: Refrigerators, Freezers, Ice Maker, Freeze Dryers (BiochromCorp is exclusive distributor of Ilshin BioBase in America)

Jisico: Incubators, Ovens, Shakers, Hot Plate Stirrers (BiochromCorp is exclusive distributor of Jisico Laboratory Instruments in America)

Kangjian: General Use Plasticware

Scientific Trade: Our Exclusive Brand produce Agaroses for Molecular Biology applications.

SPL: Cell Culture Plasticware.

Young-Lin: Water Purification (BiochromCorp is exclusive distributor of Young Lin in America).

UVP: Bioimaging Systems, Ultraviolet Products.