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The extraordinary world of Mini Brains

Mini Brains are known as brain organoids, a set of laboratory neurons and brain tissues that scientists use to understand the human brain.
It is a way to observe how the human brain develops, the Mini Brains come from a stem cell without differentiation that can be converted into any tissue of the body, these cells can be obtained by taking a skin sample from someone with certain conditions and Generate brain organoids from it.
The exact combination of sugars, proteins, vitamins and minerals that allow the mother cell to develop a neural identity was discovered by scientists in 2013.
You will ask yourself, how is the process of these cells? It is simple! Its growth is the same as that of a plant that starts from the seed and needs some environmental conditions, in this case, the Mini Brains need a special gel that simulates the embryonic tissue, an incubator set at body temperature and some movement to imitate the blood flow.
The stem cell becomes a small version of a human brain that goes through all the processes of development starting from the fetal one, which allows scientists to analyze how neurons grow in human beings, taking into account that being an organoid Brain contains the same tissues as a normal brain but is not organized in the same way.
The Mini Brains allow scientists to study different types of brain tissue, the development of the human brain and its diseases, currently these cells are being used to study diseases such as Alzheimer's, Zika and Schizophrenia.