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The magic of Stimulants: healthier and nourished crops

biostimulants, growers, crops, cultives, minerals, berries
The use of stimulants in fruit and floral crops helps improve their performance, they are ideal for application in periods of stress of the plant...

The Aptamers better than antibodies?

aptamers, antibodies, aptameros, biology, cells
Aptamers are DNA or RNA nucleic acids that recognize a wide variety of molecules. Each aptamer has a particular three-dimensional structure that al...

Rarifótica, a new zone of Coral Reefs

world oceans day, oceans, biology, reefs, rarifotica
According to the article recently published in Scientific Reports, he has created a new layer in the ocean, "rarefied" (meaning "low light"), in or...

Biostimulants, the agricultural nutrition of the future

biostimulants, crops, vegetative, growers, agricultura, nutrition, agrobio
  Agricultural bio-stimulants are organic products or components of various origins, which contain a wide range of bioactive elements capable of i...

Know the most important factors that are triggered from the discovery of CRISPR technology

Interest in gene editing technology has been increasing rapidly since the discovery of CRISPR / Cas9. A protein that is found naturally in bacteria...

Spirulina, powerful edible seaweed for the future?

The aquatic environment not only provides man with a rich source of animal nourishment; We can also find edible seaweed that is better integrated i...

The extraordinary world of Mini Brains

mini brains, biology, molecularbiology
Mini Brains are known as brain organoids, a set of laboratory neurons and brain tissues that scientists use to understand the human brain. It is a ...

VIDEO: What is Gene Editing and how does it work?

VIDEO: What is Gene Editing and how does it work?

Fabricate the first adult human heart muscle from stem cells

Fabricate the first adult human heart muscle from stem cells
Researchers at the University of Columbia (USA) have manufactured the first human heart muscle from stem cells that has the fundamental characteris...