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Importance & Benefits of Stem Cells

Stem cells are the basic component of human life, encoded with all the information on human genetics, provide high benefits in human development, therapies and medical treatments, analysis of drugs and treatment for burns. They have great potential to treat a range of diseases and conditions that can affect millions of people in the world. Are characterized by its properties of self renewal or proliferation of cells and their differentiation of specific characteristics and functions.

They provide great benefits in the treatment of diseases, regeneration of organs and tissues of the human body, in addition to blood supplies. The use of stem cells can improve the condition of the patient and the symptoms of pain, without the need for more aggressive treatments, allowing them to improve their quality of life. The treatment with stem cells is ideal for people suffering from diabetes, parkinson's, cerebrovascular accidents, among others; however, they represent contraindications for patients who have suffered from cancer.

By Alessandra Suárez